Hiss & Spit, Inc.


Hiss & Spit, Inc. is a Charitable Organization with Not-for-Profit status in NYS.  Hiss  & Spit was named after two very spirited feral kittens that later became sweet as sugar.  We are seeking to help low income animal caretakers in danger of losing their pets because of lack of resources, in areas related to spay/neuter, and available veterinary services.  Low cost spay/neuter and TNR (trap/neuter/release) as options to reduce the numbers of stray cats are only now getting the attention they deserve.  We want to get the word and the services out to those who most need them. 

We are also available for the individual who has to find another home for their pet and needs information and guidance to help them screen a potential new family. Usually, pet owners don't know how to screen people who want to adopt their pet. We at Hiss & Spit can be a link between these two groups for a proper screening, after introducing them to each other.   

After working with animal rescue groups, whose focus was on adoptions and intake, we realized something different was needed. We realized that a big area that was not addressed was the individual who just wanted to keep their cat, and needed a little help from time to time, such as information regarding cat care and veterinary intervention as well as occasional food supplementation. 

Our combined experience has been working with rescuers, non profits, feral cat colonies, abandoned and abused pets and individuals who because of low income are unable to properly care for their animals.  In order for this work to be done correctly, the cracks will have to be filled in, the ignored will have to be met with.  A different approach to the problems of feral colonies, throwaway animals and animals abandoned through bad breaks in life is necessary. One volunteer is a board certified vet tech who has a big heart and is savvy about the communities that most need the services of Hiss & Spit, Inc. 

Hiss & Spit hopes to set an example of what can happen when the community receives proper leadership, resources and understanding and joins in to proactively raise the level of empathy and compassion of the entire neighborhood.

Current programs

Our current programs include: Low cost spay/neuter; TNR; Supplemental food and Veterinary care support for low income pet owners.

Donations Appreciated:

Hiss & Spit, Inc.
P.O. Box 54
New York, NY  10108


These are our cats for Adoption

Princess: One Year Old - Abandoned in a Box
mr. T: one year Old: loves his toys
Mac Five years old: Saved from the Streets
Charlie: One Year Old: Partially Blind
Marcella, 2 yrs, rescued during TNR
Carly: 3 yrs old: Soft snuggly mom cat
Angel, 1 yr old, petite impish tabby

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